Mountains for Days. (Analog, 2015)

F1020007 by Dennis Swiatkowski.jpg
F1020007 by Dennis Swiatkowski.jpg

Mountains for Days. (Analog, 2015)


On the way to the Karoo, one passes these incredible mountains, which rise up as sort of a gateway to another world.

Hills of Africa. 2015. Photographed on 35mm film and part of a series of the African wilderness landscape.

The price is for the print only and covers production of the print on gallery standard paper. The image gets shipped in a professional photo container, rolled up, unless upon request another transportation method is agreed upon. 

Prints are numbered (limited) and signed. 1/8 + 2 AP. 

For the following options, please contact via email first:

Recommended finishing (based on 60x40cm):

Print on aluminium + wall-mount: € 900

Print with custom frame: € 850

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